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Traditional Dumpling (Chive/Pork)
Deanne Lowery
The best dumpling fix!

My favorite dumplings! I dress them up with chili oil, black vinegar, sesame oil, togarashi, soy sauce and cilantro.

Dumpling Goodness

Delicious dumplings as usual!

Hong Kong Wonton (Shrimp/Pork) - Regular
I recommend👍

I ordering this wontons many times. Just make the soup and add the wontons and you have authentic Chinese shrimp wontons. The shrimp and pork broth in the soup is also delicious. This regular is a sufficient size for me.

I like it!

Taste like Nikuman, crispy on the bottom and very tasty. It is easy to cook and I will order it next time.

Did not disappoint!

These XLB were amazingly delicious - right amount of skin and meat! They did not disappoint! 110% delicious! I just wish there was a way to steam them without the skin breaking.

Traditional Dumpling (Chive/Shrimp/Pork)
Laura N
Really flavorful

We really enjoyed the flavor of these shrimp/pork/chive dumplings. They were eaten all up at our dinner party!


Indistinguishable from the local restaurants where we have been ordering them for years. We steamed them in bamboo baskets.

Nice and crispy

These were a huge hit at my party, and I really appreciated the flour/water cooking tip in getting them more crispy. I had not tried that before. Works well!

Traditional Dumpling (Cabbage/Shrimp/Pork)
Julie Kawasaki

Dumplings are always tasty and easy to make. I just wish I had more room in my freezer. Ordering is easy, but I wish it were easier to know the various pick up sites. On the day of pick up, I discovered there was an option even closer for pick up. I didn’t want to try to switch last minute, but it would have been a nice option. But overall, the process and dumplings are so great! Thank you, Yummi Dumplings!

Just in time for Lunar New Year

We received our fantastic Hong Kong style dumplings and Xiao Long Bao the day before our CNY celebration and they were a huge hit! We will be ordering again!

Hong Kong Wonton (Pork)
Jessica Hsu
Hong Kong Wontons

Generous filling and delicious! Great in homemade broth. Brought me back to Hong Kong.


Delicious and Authentic

Excellent dumplings!

My family loves your dumplings and requests them for birthdays and special occasions. We discovered Yummi Dumplings during Covid when most places were closed and they hit the spot.

Pan Fried Potsticker (Cabbage/Chicken)
Allison Lin
Delicious for a quick meal

We served these to our friends for winter solstice and they loved them, along with the soup dumplings both were a hit.

Perfect flavor profile

The combination of sweet and spicy in this sauce is just what the doctor ordered. A flavorful dance for your tastebuds!

Good XLB

Good and satisfying XLB without a trip to Din Tai Fung with screaming kids. The skin/wrapper could be thinner but it is still good. I like how they are savory enough yet not salty.

First time bamboo steamer user

So excited to use bamboo steamer & it worked perfectly with the XLB we ordered. Think we cooked the entire order within 2 days (3 meals) since the boys could not get enough.
Can’t wait to use this often.

Good Xiao Long Bao

Nice and Juicy

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Regular
Jason Smith
Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Regular

These are great. This was my trial order to see if they were good and I'll be making a larger order next time. I love being able to make these at home.

Steamer liners

What can I say...they are steamer liners but were convenient and did what they were supposed to do.

So good!

I found these guys from a Facebook restaurant support group and they were everything I hoped for. The directions are extremely easy and they are restaurant level when you eat them. 10-12 minutes and you’re feeding the whole family a fresh homemade basically meal. Make sure you get the black vinegar when you order it’s a must!

Delicious wanton 😋!

Pork and shrimps (extra) wanton the best 😋! That is something we always order again and again. Thank you for coming to our local delivery place.

MSG in many of the items

Our grandkids love this wonton. They are sensitive to MSG. So I won’t reorder it. It was not listed in the ingredients.

Pan Fried Potsticker (Cabbage/Chicken)
Anna Look

Our family loves this potstickers. However, we didn’t realized it contains MSG. It wasn’t listed in the ingredients.
We can’t reorder it.

Soo good

We love the XLB dumplings. My kids can't get enough of them. We just went to Din Tai and I'd have to say that they are just as delicious! So nice to be able to prepare them at home whenever we are craving them.