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Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Ami Choi (San Diego, CA)

Great tasty dumplings. Got XLB and wontons. Will repurchase.

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
H. Fong (Los Angeles, CA)
One of The Best XLB around hands down!!!

One of the best tasting XLBs around. I’ve referred 2 of my friends and now they’re hooked too. Way better than Ding Tai Fung and a much better price and you can order a bunch to keep in your freezer to steam up whenever you have a craving. So fresh and delicious and a great price. Too bad you only deliver every 1.5 months to my area but I just buy more to tide me over til you come back. I also love the fact that you have your frequent buyers rewards program up and running. We are fans for life!!

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Anonymous (North Hollywood, CA)
Must order

These dumplings are excellent! They are well seasoned, easy to cook and are comparable to any top dumpling restaurants. We will always keep a stock of them!

Shanghai Shumai (Sticky Rice)
El Young (Sunnyvale, CA)
No photo coz I ate them all too fast!

I've had shumai before, but nothing like this! These are amazing! I hid them and prepared them only when there was no one else in the household hungry. I made the last batch on the day my husband was fasting, just so I could finish it all up on my own. Will definitely order more! I wish I had a photo to post, but it's already all gone.

Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp)
Esther Chow (Bellflower, CA)
Very delicious!

You can't go wrong with Yummi dumplings! This shaomai is amazing, easy to cook, and very flavorful.

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Esther Chow (Bellflower, CA)
Highly recommend!

The dumplings are very tasty and flavorful. I was surprised at how well they turned out after being frozen. I always keep a bag in my freezer as it makes a delicious and quick meal.

Shanghai Wonton (Chinese Spinach/Pork)
David Lee (Los Alamitos, CA)

Very good & delicious

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
David Lee (Los Alamitos, CA)

這種 薄皮的小籠包

Thin skinned dumplings
where the buns are sealed,
processing method,
resulting in hard noodle lumps
not very good
I don't know if it can be improved

Shanghai Shumai (Sticky Rice)
Tessa Jansen (Murrieta, CA)
So Craveable

These are my favorite of all Yummi Dumplings I have tried! They are savory and sticky and so flavorful! I really love them and crave them!

Shanghai Wonton (Shrimp/Pork)
nancy (Irvine, CA)
good wonton

very good!

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Janelle (Santa Ana, CA)

Dumplings are certainly yummy and pick up in the South Bay was super easy! Wish they had more days they drop off

Chicken potstickers are just ok

The chicken potstickers not bad, could be better if it’s more flavorful. I find the other items on this plate such as sticky rice or spinach/pork wonton more flavorful.

Hong Kong Wonton (Pork)
Ming min Hsu (Los Angeles, CA)

I love Everything I ordered except tradition of dumpling for vegetarian which is salty.
I would re-order the other items I enjoyed.
Please keep me in touch for the date Of free delivery next month.
Thank you.

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Howard Chao (Walnut Creek, CA)

The filling was very flavorful and tasted fresh. There were plenty of soup in each bao and the taste was delightful.

Pan Fried Potsticker (Pork)
Wanfamily (Millbrae, CA)

Love the wonton, potstickers and XLB’s. Easy to cook. This is what my kid made for us last night.

Shanghai Wonton (Shrimp/Pork)
Amy Luong (Los Angeles, CA)

I added these wontons to a chick broth with some ginger, garlic, and spinach and it made a delicious wonton soup! You can definitely taste the quality in the wrapping paper and filling. The paper didn’t fall apart even after sitting in broth for two days, such a huge plus. Will definitely be ordering again!

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Regular
Nicole Ramsour (Vacaville, CA)
Loving the dumplings!

I can't rave about Yummi Dumplings enough. They have fast shipping and great dumplings at a low cost. I recently moved to a city where dumplings are non-existent but now I ordered a variety of dumplings that I can make in the convenience of my own home.

I'm still trying to get the steaming timing right because I feel like the soup dumplings pop but I'm getting the hang of it.

Will definitely buy again.

Pan Fried Potsticker (Cabbage/Chicken)
Min Min Sun (San Francisco, CA)
I would probably not get this one again...but it's very yummy~

Not because it's not good, but in comparison with everything else and best bang for your $$ and everything else just tastier than this particular item. Love all the other items tried thus far, just thought we try this, and we have. Now we know which items we will stick with, that's all. Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) & Pan Fried Bao (Veggie/Pork) will be our normal orders for sure. We also added some of the huge wontons~ Love those!

Pan Fried Bao (Veggie/Pork)
Connie Lin (Menlo Park, CA)
Very authentic flavor of Shanghai style food

The Xiao Long Bao of this company are super delicious. It's our family's favorite reunion food.

Convenient tasty food

save a lot of time to prepare such good food for family, feel safe to eat.

Shanghai Wonton (Chinese Spinach/Pork)
Ricky Chang (Los Angeles, CA)
the best

I am a Shanghainese and I think Yummidumplings has the best.

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Cindy (Burbank, CA)
Awesome XLBs

If you don't live near a Din Tai Fung these are a great alternative. They're delicious and super easy to make. We always have some in stock in our freezer.

HK style tasty

My family, relatives and friends love it. We can have the restaurant quality & tasty wontons at home any time.

Pan Fried Potsticker (Cabbage/Chicken)
jen_z (North Hollywood, CA)

Really tasty and juicy potstickers and really easy to cook! Loved them!

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
jen_z (North Hollywood, CA)

My friend recommended this pop-up dumping place and I’m so happy she did! These XBL’s were so flavorful. The whole family loved them! Will definitely order some more.