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Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) - Yummi Dumplings
Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) - Yummi Dumplings
Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) - Yummi Dumplings
Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) - Yummi Dumplings
Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp) - Yummi Dumplings

Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp)

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Soup filled and pork-stuffed shaomai, similar to XLB, but with a small, sweet shrimp plugging gathered at the top of each tiny purse. These savory dumplings will surely please the taste buds and have them wanting for more.

NOTE: Cooked same way as XLB by steaming for 8-10min ideally in a bamboo steamer. Contains NO MSG.

Ingredients: Pork, Shrimp, Chicken Stock, Chicken Flavor, Salt, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Flour, Sesame Oil, Cooking Wine, Green Onion, Gelatin, Ginger

Allergen Notice: Contains sesame, soy, wheat. Product is made and packaged in a facility that handles fish, soy, sesame, wheat, egg. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Fanny Chiu (Sunnyvale, CA)
Very juicy

I never liked shaomi because it's simply just a chunk of meat. But this one is the combination of xiao long bao and shaomi and I like the soup. The only feedback is if the skin can be even thinner.

Min Min Sun (Daly City, CA)
New Family Favorite!

Our nephew is a bit of a soup dumpling snob, and not too many places he will like besides the obvious ones like Ding Tai. But, he said the chicken soup dumplings at Trader's a a contender. But, he tried this soup shrimp sui mai - he's hooked. I don't think my bag of 20 will cut it this round, will need to ensure we get 40 next time for sure or more! Delicious! Just need to figure out how to not lose all my soup when I pick it up from the steamer!

Arlene G (Los Angeles, CA)

Family loves this! First time we tried the pork shrimp shaomai, already love the XLB, did not disappoint! So easy to make and so easy to plop in our mouth! Yum! Will buy again!

Tim Yee (San Diego, CA)
Just get them!

Like XLB with shrimp on top. How can you lose? Juicy and tasty!

Emily Greene (Glendale, CA)
Hands down, one of our favorites!

The detail to flavor is incredible- the tiny shrimp combined with the explosive soup flavor and meat filling is sheer perfection!

J.Lee (Torrance, CA)

Super easy to make, simply awesome. A family favorite!

Anne (San Diego, CA)
Love it!

Will buy again soon.

Jun won Lee (San Diego, CA)
great taste

awesome. must eat dish. You won't regret!!

Lisa Duong (Buena Park, CA)
Decent, but I prefer XLB

I mean these are cute and you definitely get a little shrimp treat versus the traditional pork XLB… but I still prefer the original with the thinner wrapper. It’s more *cute* than anything.

KL (San Mateo, CA)
Yummi yummy

1st time trying, shrimp added extra favor and texture to the xlb! 🥰 so good almost forgot to take picture