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I like their food !
It’s so delicious.😋
XLB is your good choice!

More oily and less meat

Still quite tasty, but I seem to feel more fat and less meat.

I really like my vegetarian dumplings because it makes perfectly for my taste. Thank you Yummi dumplings

Pork XLB

Looking for a quick tasty meal? The XLBs are here to the rescue. Surprise visitors warmly receive these beauties wholeheartedly! I prefer the regular vs. thin since the regular dough wrapper hold its shape and precious juices. Also, the shrimp and pork potstickers are excellent choice by itself or added into noodle soup. Nom nom!

Tasty with fresh ingredients

The wonton were plump and indeed extra large. The ingredients are fresh. Great to have around for last minute meal.

Yummi Dumplings live up to their name!

Tried the Pork XLB and Shrimp/Pork Shaomai. I cooked up a batch as soon as I got home from a remote pick up. I immediately regretted only cooking 2 of each. Since then, whenever I serve them, I make at least 6 per person. Everyone that I've cooked them for loves them. These are some of the juiciest, most tender dumplings I've been able to cook at home! Can't wait to try the different varieties next time! So excited that they are delivering again to the San Fernando Valley again!!!

Just delish!

Loved your dumplings! Please come back to Santa Barbara soon!

Restaurant Quality Dumplings 🥟

My community and I are addicted to Yummi Dumplings.
I love having them on hand in the freezer to make delicious meals pretty quickly. They are restaurant quality!

Delicious XLB

It becomes our family favorite meal.
I can make lunch/dinner within 15 mins; it’s my go-to delicious and fast
meal when I don’t have time to cook.
Best XLB; must try!


These were one of the best frozen XLB that I’ve had. Please visit/deliver more often in the Ventura County area so I can order these all the time!!

Fresh and Phenomenal

First time ordering and will definitely be ordering again. The pan-fried cabbage and chicken dumplings were delicious. The how-to videos on your website made preparations simple. Thank you

the one that started it all

will keep buying these XLB from kyle and team as long as they have them in stock! with 3 growing boys at home, we simply can't afford to eat at that-place-that-shall-not-be-named, lol. these XLB taste just as good IF NOT better and being able to enjoy them at home has been a game changer. so glad to have discovered Yummi Dumplings through a dear friend last year - you guys have fans for life. thank you!

definitely our new fave!

love these in soup w broth and whatever fresh/frozen veggies we have on hand or as directed with chili garlic sauce. SO GOOD!

better than takeout

great gyoza and an easy meal when the days with 3 kids at home are rough. follow the directions on the bag and the dumplings come out perfectly!


So good - very similar to the top restaurants serving XLB. I would highly recommend.

Homemade taste

This was my first time ordering. I cooked these in a frying pan according to the directions and it was pretty simple. My husband checked them with a temperature gage to make sure the meat was up to temperature. They aren’t very big but the description was right. I was already full after eating 3 of them. I didn’t need any sauce to accompany it. I thought they had great flavor and texture and definitely tasted homemade, a lot better than buying frozen ones from the grocery store for sure.


These dumplings are definitely my favorite. Both the XLB and Pork Cabbage were so good! I highly recommend it and can’t wait to order more.

Best soup dumplings!!

It’s so good and so easy for me to make for my family.


Very good.

It has a kick

Flavorful. More than a little spicy. Wish it came in a milder version.

Truly yummy!

These are really delicious and such a treat to have at home whenever I want. My only criticism is that they are small. I wish they were bigger.

Excellent dumplings!

I ordered a variety of dumplings from yummidumplings during a recent drop in Sherman oaks. I tried the pork spinach wontons as soon as I got home and they were so good! I immediately emailed Kyle and asked him to add some north SFV drops. :) So far, I’ve tried the XLB, wontons and the cabbage/pork/shrimp dumplings. They are ALL great. The XLB has a thin skin, which I love. It’s so soupy and the filling is some of the best I’ve had. The dumplings and wontons were delicious with generous portions of the filling. I love dumplings and am so glad I found yummidumplings and even happier that Kyle will hopefully consider more north SFV drops. :)


I have been obsessed with their dumplings ever since discovering them. I’ve been trying to find soup dumplings to rival DTF and these are definitely it. The pick up process is super easy too.

The flavor

Simply delicious. I steam my soup dumplings for about 12 mins to make sure the meat is fully cooked and it is SO GOOD. I’m terrible at folding and making my own and being able to purchase these and make them with ease has been a game changer. Just be careful with the wrapper since they are thin- they easily break when picking them up.


These dumplings are really delicious and very easy to prepare using a bamboo steamer. There are instructions on the package, as well as a video on the website. Pickup was a breeze. Highly recommended!