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Hong Kong Wonton (Shrimp/Pork) - Extra
Adam G (Los Angeles, CA)
Delicious wontons!

These are big and juicy! We had them both steamed and boiled, and they turned out delicious both times. The flavours are nicely powerful and the piece of shrimp is a nice textural contrast.
We had these plain - delicious!
We also cooked these Sichuan chili oil style (or at least one of the many variations). In that application, although delicious, I thought the oil overpowered the wontons a bit.

Pan Fried Bao (Veggie/Pork)
Adam G (Los Angeles, CA)
Takes me back to China!

I don't recall seeing these anywhere in California before, but when I was in China a long time ago I had these for breakfast most days. We cook them using the potsticker method - no pre-steam, just a minute in a hot pan, add water, steam with the lid on for a few minutes, and let them crisp up. Delicious results!
The bottom of the bun ends up thin and crispy and the farther up you go, the lighter and more risen the rest of the dough gets. The meat is well textured, flavourful, and juicy although not soupy. I think the dough absorbs most/all of the soup. the sesame seeds on the bottom are a brilliant touch.
My only complaint is that the top, where the dough is all pinched together, is too doughy for our tastes.

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Cindy (Burbank, CA)
Awesome wontons

Love these wontons! They are super tasty and so convenient to have on hand in the freezer for an easy meal.

Traditional Dumpling (Cabbage/Shrimp/Pork)
Jerome Chang (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Wow, I did not expect these to hit home

Great tasting thick skin; even better filling. Just the right blend of cabbage for me.

Xiaolongbao (Crab/Pork) - XLB Thin
Jerome Chang (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Good, but sorry, I've had better

Lots of wrapper breakage; filling was good but not quite as flavorful...then again, wrapper leaked so I didn't get the full taste.

Traditional Dumpling (Chive/Shrimp/Pork)
Deanne Lowery (Las Vegas, NV)
Delicious and fresh!

Love these delicious dumplings!!

Pan Fried Bao (Veggie/Pork)
Kim (San Francisco, CA)
Love these buns

My mom is super critical of food so you know itโ€™s good when she approves . Well she loves these pan fried buns . The skin isnโ€™t too doughy and filling is juicy. I think she may have just steamed them and didnโ€™t do the pan fried part and still loved them. I did mine pan fried too. I had to give up most of mine to her because she loves them so much . Not surprised everyone I introduce YD to loves their products . So glad they come to Bay Area regularly now :)

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Greg (Redondo Beach, CA)
Delicious as usual

This is my 5th time ordering from Yummi Dumplings and Iโ€™m happy with the consistency in every order. The XLB and pork/shrimp dumplings are our familyโ€™s favorite. The South Bay delivery is a huge plus.

Good quality dumpling

Plenty of vegetable. Will def buy again

Hong Kong Wonton - The Best!

Wow! These were fantastic. Simple and easy to cook. Add some vegetables and noodles and it's a great meal that is as good as any restauarant


One cannot go wrong when ordering these humongous wontons. I've been meaning to order other wontons but I always order these XL HK

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin
Key (San Jose, CA)

The ratio of the wrapper to the inside content is perfect. The wonton wrapper doesnโ€™t get gummy like other frozen dumplings and the inside soup and contents is very tasty especially with their house dipping sauce. I can eat 15 of these in 1 sitting!!

Hong Kong Wonton (Shrimp/Pork) - Regular
Deborah Pao (Menlo Park, CA)
Thank You For Coming to Northern California!!!

Your Hong Kong Style Shrimp/Pork Wontons are so delicious that it's worth the 20 min. drive to pick up at your drop off location. Timing and orders were always handled correctly, We really appreciate it.

Perfect size, works well

I always wanted to buy one but did not till I bought dumplings from the site and decided to invest in one to make a perfect dumplings and it worked well, easy to clean, perfect size ( not too big or too small), no weird smell or anything. Love it!

Convenient, perfect size

High quality paper, non stick and even out the heat! So convenient.

Great sauce!

Sauce is so good and it completes the taste of dumplings. Love how spicy it is!I wish they have a bigger size and cheaper price :)

Love 'em

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to like these but they were absolutely delicious! Can't wait to order them again.

Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp)
Fanny Chiu (Sunnyvale, CA)
Very juicy

I never liked shaomi because it's simply just a chunk of meat. But this one is the combination of xiao long bao and shaomi and I like the soup. The only feedback is if the skin can be even thinner.

Soy Sauce for Dumpling
TTNN (San Diego, CA)
Awesome sauce

I never saw this sauce at the store, but decided to give it a try and itโ€™s delicious for dipping your dumpling or wontons.no spicy, very well balanced taste. Take 1 star off because itโ€™s little pricey for only 7oz. Wish itโ€™s a little bit cheaper :)

Tasty and very convenient

We love these wontons a lot. They are so juicy, tasty and no mSG! You got the whole shrimp and lot of pork. Simply put them into boiling soup with some noodle and you have a fresh meal like home made taste after 15mins. I wish they sell egg noodles too.

Shanghai Shumai (Sticky Rice)
Cindy (Burlingame, CA)

Itโ€™s kind of like the Taiwanese โ€œyo fanโ€ (direct translation is oily rice) but in a form of a shumai. Definitely getting two bags of these when they come next time. Steam for 8 minutes and you are donneeeeee. So easy!

Soup Shaomai (Pork/Shrimp)
Min Min Sun (Daly City, CA)
New Family Favorite!

Our nephew is a bit of a soup dumpling snob, and not too many places he will like besides the obvious ones like Ding Tai. But, he said the chicken soup dumplings at Trader's a a contender. But, he tried this soup shrimp sui mai - he's hooked. I don't think my bag of 20 will cut it this round, will need to ensure we get 40 next time for sure or more! Delicious! Just need to figure out how to not lose all my soup when I pick it up from the steamer!

Pan Fried Bao (Veggie/Pork)
Min Min Sun (Daly City, CA)
Yummy for my tummy!

Added photos now - This has to be the family's favorite. Initially we tried making it the way we normally would for potstickers - didn't quite get the texture of the outside right. Then, we followed the directions - steam then pan fried, for some reason, still wasn't getting it right, but needless to say, we still ate it all. Flavor profile is the best we've had in a while. And, trust me, we've tried everyone place in SF to find this kind of bao. One place 'had' it, then the owners changed (on Taraval), and so did the bao! If you had one with the pickles inside - that would put it over the top, can you guys try 2 flavors of this bao? Like you do with all the others? These need to be in packs of 50 as well! :) Love it!

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Regular
Min Min Sun (Daly City, CA)
Juicy & Yummy!

Totally worth getting 50 unit set, they went fast, we are still perfecting timing on the steaming without getting the boas to burst. I can't decide if we like regular vs. thin - I think we are still working through which we is better or easier to steam. But, taste is spot on and flavorful! Can't order too often, but love that you guys are coming all the way up to SF Bay Area! Thank you so much for doing that!

Tasty Vegetarian dumplings

The vegetarian dumplings are very flavorful and mine didnโ€™t fall apart from boiling. Just need to be a bit cautious when taking them out to not break the skins. The reason I didnโ€™t give it 5 stars because I wish they didnโ€™t add any msg into them. I hope they have another option of non-msg vegetarian dumplings in the future. Its so flavorful that I really think it would still taste awesome without the msg!