Updated: Feb. 22, 2024. GOOD NEWS! We’re working on a comeback. Please stay tuned…


How many pieces are in a bag?
Dumplings are sold in bags of 30 (Small) or 50 pieces (Large).

Are the dumplings cooked or raw?
Dumplings are sold frozen and uncooked. They need to be stored in a freezer. 

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, orders can be cancelled up to 24 hour prior to fulfillment. Just email us. 

Are there MSG in any of your dumplings?
We offer over 20 types of dumplings. Some have MSG but some do not. Here is a list of NO MSG items.

Do any of the dumplings contain nuts?
No. There are no peanuts or any kind of nuts in our dumplings.

Where are the dumplings made?
They’re made in a commercial kitchen in San Gabriel Valley. The facility is approved by county health department. 

Do I need to be home for delivery? Yes. Our dumplings are not delivered with ice pack. Best to have someone home to receive it so they don’t thaw.

Do you have a store?
We do not have a physical store. All orders are accepted online through our website.

Where can I pick up?
There are two designated "regular" pickup locations in our Southern California home market. One is in San Gabriel Valley (Alhambra). The other is in Orange County (Irvine). Details of location, date, and time can be found in Cart checkout.

What is group pickup?
For outer cities and regions (i.e. San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas), we come to you. Several designated drop-off locations are selected where customers meet us to pick up their order. Group pickups are usually on Saturday. Location and time of stops can be found in Cart checkout.

When is your next group pickup in my city?
Please check our homepage for the cities and regions once they’re published. More details of location and date can be found in Cart checkout.

How long has Yummi Dumplings been in business?
Our small business started in May 2020 during the midst of Covid lockdown.

Who are the people behind Yummi Dumplings? How did it start?
Simply put. Two Chinese guys with totally different backgrounds randomly met. One has many years of food experience and is a former chef at that famous Taiwanese restaurant (Uhhhh... you know, we forget the name :). The other is from the tech industry and used to work for the world’s large tech company (Yup... the one product we all use everyday!). Both saw a chance to offer the best authentic, handmade dumplings to consumers.

But the story shouldn't be about us. It's should be about you and how your continued support have made all this possible. It should be about bringing great food and happy smiles everyday to you and your family. Most of all, it’s about crafting the yummiest dumplings and offering them at affordable prices so you are able to enjoy them in the comfort of your own place.

We appreciate you and thank you! ❤️