Accepting orders now for Pork XLB - Thin. Fulfillment will be starting this Friday, 1/29. Thanks for your support.


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Loved the sauce

Great stuff. Can’t get enough of it. Highly recommend!!


Loved, loved, loved. Super delicious!!!

It’s delicious!!

These are delicious! Almost as good as DTF (90%). We love them so much! Lifesaver during this pandemic.


Can't wait to have another helping.


We love your dumplings!

Amazing Dumplings!!

Theses dumplings are sooooo good!!! We absolutely love having them in the freezer for whenever we want something quick and easy but still delicious! We are obsessed. Will definitely be ordering again!

The dumplings taste fantastic. I wish there was a tad more soup in it, and some didn't have soup in it because they burst during the cooking (probably every 1 out of 5).

Wow--what a treat!

After 6 years in Singapore, we recently moved back. We hadn't found dumplings to fulfill our menu. These fit the bill and we look forward to picking them up each time. It's a happy day on pick up day for our whole family. Thank you so much!

Juicy and yummy

First time pick up last week. The XLBs were delicious! The filing was flavorful and juicy. The thin skin is definitely a lot thinner than most restaurants. But IMO, if you’re going to compare it to DTF, it should be a little thinner still. Loved them and waiting for another Alhambra pick up so we can order more.

Yummy XLB

My 1st time ordering and I ordered Thin Pork XLB. It was incredibly delicious! Instructions are simple to follow. The XLBs are flavorful and juicy. My family loves it and will be ordering again.

Best XLB!

We've been ordering from Yummi Dumplings since lockdown and it's the best thing ever! Love the chicken XLB as well.

Dumplings review

Chive pork dumplings are very good. Shrimp pork gabage dumpling is good too but may not need sesame oil.

Amazing dumplings

These dumplings were great.

My family loves them so much.

We will order again


This is my favorite. The flavor and texture was perfect. It is such a treat to be able to have in the comfort of our own home.

Perfect skin and filling

It was a hit with the entire family. I had to make a second round. The filling is so juicy and sweet. The skin has the perfect chewy texture.

Very tasty, good quality ingredients, not too salty , and no MSG? Please keep up the good quality, will definitely order again!

The vegetarian dumplings are amazing! I was a skeptical on how good dumplings can be but they have definitely win me over!

So much flavor & our whole family loved them


These dumplings are out of this world! Way better than restaurants :)

Very nice. Filled us up.

Best veggie dumplings

I have no idea how they manage to stuff so much veggies in one dumpling ! We made it as directed and it was just wonderful ! Will definitely buy again !

Pillowy pieces of heaven

The dumpling skin is soft and pillowy and the meat is juicy and fresh tasting ! It is like eating the ones in the street of Shanghai ! Best ever !


We made the dumpling as directed but without the flour water ! The dumplings were juicy and flavourful !
It is as good as home made !

Soo good!

Delicious dumplings!