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Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin - Yummi Dumplings
Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin - Yummi Dumplings
Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin - Yummi Dumplings
Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin - Yummi Dumplings
Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin - Yummi Dumplings

Xiaolongbao (Pork) - XLB Thin

定價 $30.00
單價  每 

Most famous and loved juicy dumplings. Filled with soup inside. Comes with pork fillings in THIN wrapper. 

NOTE: THIN wrapper XLBs are juicier and contain NO MSG. They are also very wrapped in delicate thin skin wrappers that require care in cooking and handling. Recommend using our steamer liner for steaming. 

Ingredients: Pork, Chicken Stock, Chicken Flavor, Salt, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Flour, Sesame Oil, Cooking Wine, Green Onion, Gelatin, Ginger

Allergen Notice: Contains sesame, soy, wheat. Product is made and packaged in a facility that handles fish, soy, sesame, wheat, egg. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Laura N (Del Mar, CA)

Indistinguishable from the local restaurants where we have been ordering them for years. We steamed them in bamboo baskets.

Jade Hwang (Irvine, CA)
Good XLB

Good and satisfying XLB without a trip to Din Tai Fung with screaming kids. The skin/wrapper could be thinner but it is still good. I like how they are savory enough yet not salty.

John (Irvine, CA)
Good Xiao Long Bao

Nice and Juicy

Annelynn Cajayon (Tustin, CA)
Soo good

We love the XLB dumplings. My kids can't get enough of them. We just went to Din Tai and I'd have to say that they are just as delicious! So nice to be able to prepare them at home whenever we are craving them.

Jeannette Horibe (Los Angeles, CA)
So yummy

Absolutely delicious! Homemade dumplings taste just as good as fresh when made

Linda A Epstein (Woodland Hills, CA)
Nice soup dumplings

Thes are delicious steamed and drizzled with a little sesame oil and soy sauce. If you enjoy soup dumplimgs be sure to try the Soup Shaomai they are even better!

Ami Choi (San Diego, CA)

Great tasty dumplings. Got XLB and wontons. Will repurchase.

H. Fong (Los Angeles, CA)
One of The Best XLB around hands down!!!

One of the best tasting XLBs around. I’ve referred 2 of my friends and now they’re hooked too. Way better than Ding Tai Fung and a much better price and you can order a bunch to keep in your freezer to steam up whenever you have a craving. So fresh and delicious and a great price. Too bad you only deliver every 1.5 months to my area but I just buy more to tide me over til you come back. I also love the fact that you have your frequent buyers rewards program up and running. We are fans for life!!

Anonymous (North Hollywood, CA)
Must order

These dumplings are excellent! They are well seasoned, easy to cook and are comparable to any top dumpling restaurants. We will always keep a stock of them!

Esther Chow (Bellflower, CA)
Highly recommend!

The dumplings are very tasty and flavorful. I was surprised at how well they turned out after being frozen. I always keep a bag in my freezer as it makes a delicious and quick meal.